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Seltech Bt was established in 1991.

We started as a reseller of radio and TV antennas, as well as a manufacturer of active and passive components for radio and TV receiving modules. Thousands of our products: receiving amplifiers, splitters , couplers , filters, as well as (mostly passive) CATV components are already incorporated in various CATV systems. In addition to producing electronic components, we started construction of an antenna manufacturing facility. Our TV and GSM antennas have now been on the market since 1994. In addition to expanding our production capacity, we are especially focussed on the development of new products. Amateur antennas in the 14- 28 MHz frequency range, and 160-450 MHz professional antenna systems have been key to the company's continued growth.

With current developments in the communication industry, a strong market interest for wireless data transmission and Internet connectivity has developed. Our continuous commitment to new product development has enabled us to emerge as one of the leading suppliers of 2.4 GHz antennas in Eastern Europe.

We currently manufacture antennas for frequency range from 5.2-5.8 GHz .

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